Maintenance Massage Appointment

A massage that is great for maintaining your well-being.

Back massage

Maintenance Massage Appointment

(45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes)


Maintaining your well-being – Just like taking your car in for a service before it breaks, a maintenance massage is a regular form of body treatment that looks to address any underlying areas of muscle tightness… before it breaks!

45 minute appointment is great when focusing on just one or two areas of the body.

60 minute appointment is great when spending time treating multiple areas.

90 minute appointment is great for a full body treatment.

Can include the following:

An initial chat about any newly developed aches or pains since your last appointment

Massage treatment

Trigger Point Therapy

Advice on stretches

Postural corrections

Exercise/movement modifications to relieve any newly developed pain

Treatment plan including recommendations for self-care & maintenance

Recommendations for maintenance massage frequency tailored to your individual needs